Nashik Entrepreneurs’ Forum is an initiative by Dr. Harshad Mehta, Mr. Sanjay Lodha and Mr. Ajay Bohora. All the Initiators are successful and leading Business personnel in their field. Acknowledging the tribulations and dilemmas on the path to be successful and make a mark in the global society, they are here with a platform to help individuals aspiring and striving to make a change with their ideas.

NEF is an exclusive network for entrepreneurs. It’s an association of leading and successful business man with start-up enterprises, aspiring entrepreneurs and people looking for inspiration to make a change in the society. At NEF we have eminent speakers from all over the world sharing their valuable journey towards thriving change. These speakers are accountable to make an exemplifying mark and redefining their field of art.

NEF has successfully convened nine editions of Building Sustainable Enterprises, until 2018. In NEF’s 2019 edition of building Sustainable enterprises, we have invited another group of motivating and inspiring leaders from different industries to share the journey of their experiences of failures which ultimately led them to be an expert and undiminished success. Through time and talks it is also a great opportunity for aspirants and start-ups to make worthy contacts and put their enterprise out to the world. A precious foundation to explore opportunities, directly converse with top leading businessmen and earn valuable lessons, tools and support about the journey towards successful entrepreneurship.

As Nashik is emerging powerful than ever, NEF is dedicated to accelerate its evolution into one of remarkable cities of India. NEF is ambitious in making Nashik a strong and unique centre of innovative enterprises. All the activities of NEF sum up to development of Nashik and fasten its progress than ever.