Ruma Deviji



Ruma Deviji a 30-year-old school dropout recently won the 2019 fashion design prize awarded by Textile Fairs India — a platform for manufacturers and buyers. The award includes a trip to Paris, but Ruma Devi is not in a hurry to visit Paris. And while she has travelled to Germany, England, Thailand and Sri Lanka for fashion shows, her heart still lies in Barmer.
Today, she has 22,000 women working with her today.

Dressed in a traditional skirt, her head covered with a veil, Rajasthani villager Ruma Devi does not look like the fashionista she is. But make no mistake, she is among the most fêted designers today, known for her quintessential Barmer patchwork and embroidery designs.

She has also was won KBC and President’s Award. Recently she is invited to speak at Harward University.

Siddharth Munot

Siddharth Munot, Founder of hugely famous E-commerce startup A civil graduates from IIT Bombay always wanted to do something of his own & their journey have been started when they were sitting outside their college & drilling their minds to start something of their own. Let’s have a look to their success story!

It was in 2010 when Prabhkiran Singh & Siddharth Munot was searching for some domainname for their business & come across the idea of taking to start with, as the month of April was about to start and April Fool’s day was near around. Also, they wanted to create something humorously, witty and eye-catching by the youth, so they thought would be perfectly good to start with. Although the domain was registered in 2010, they never went ahead to do anything about it. The work on the site was already begun around 2011, but the site was launched at the end of Jan 2012.

Both the founders have started their career separately after the graduation. Prabhkiran was started with his Lassi venture named khadke gLASSI outside his college, Which wasn’t went well & thus had to be closed down.

On the other hand, Siddharth was working with an educational startup. Both of them then decided to start their own business of T-Shirt printing. They wanted to design something that could bring some humour to college students. They researched about the latest youth trends, lifestyle and started designing quotes for their T-Shirts accordingly. And as they were expected, their brand name, cool yet humorously quotes printed on the t-shirts were grabbed the attention of everyone & received a great response from the youth towards their products.

Anup Mehta

Anup is a persistent, risk taking entrepreneur, always looking for new opportunities. He has more than a decade experience in managing successful businesses in Real Estate, Healthcare and Finance.
Whilst being instrumental in expanding his Enterprises, he participated in all aspects of business cycle i.e. production, finance, business development marketing and people management which gave him the core competence to strategize and expand any business.
Anup strongly believes to be successful in any business, one needs to be innovative and think ahead of time to anticipate the paradigm shifts that are occurring rapidly than ever before.
Anup has done Bachelor of Commerce from Jai Hind College and Business Management program from S.P.Jain Institute of Management at Mumbai, India.
He enjoys playing Table tennis, vacations with family, practicing yoga and trying to learn & practice the philosophy of Vedanta by Swami A. Parthasarathy.

Amit Kumat

Lord of the rings, Amit Kumat’s Rs 850cr Prataap Snacks of Indore eyes gold in the snack market.  Anyone who grew up in the 1990s or had young children during the decade, in all likelihood, will remember Tazos and Boomer tattoos. The little discs with cartoon characters emblazoned on them were a craze with kids, who collected them, traded them, and bought numerous packets of Lay’s chips in pursuit of new Tazos.

Prataap Snacks was incorporated in 2009, but it’s already the sixth-largest organized packaged snack maker in India. It makes a host of snacks from Chulbule to Fungroo and Scoops, but close to 40% of its revenue comes from Rings, its most popular brand which sells like hot cakes in small towns and cities. The popularity of its snacks helped the company’s annualised consolidated revenue increase to Rs 1,036.7 crore in 2017-18 from Rs 909.4 crore the previous year. It also propelled the company to No. 340 on Fortune India’s Next 500 from No. 437 last year.

Hanmant Ramdas Gaikwad

Hanmant Ramdas Gaikwad 

BVG Group

Hanmantrao R Gaikwad a.k.a. HR Gaikwad (born 21 October 1972) is an Indian entrepreneur and the Chairman and Managing Director of BVG India Limited, India’s largest integrated services company. Gaikwad was born in the village of Rahimatpur, Satara, Maharashtra. When he was in class six, his family shifted to Pune and lived in a tiny one room house. Despite the hardships, he secured 88% in class 10 and opted for a Diploma in Electronics from Government Polytechnic Pune. In the second year, he lost his father to a cardiac arrest. Gaikwad completed the diploma and went on to join the Vishwakarma Institute of Technology to study engineering, where he supported himself by working small jobs like taking tuition classes to painting houses and concreting pathways.