Siddharth Munot

Siddharth Munot, Founder of hugely famous E-commerce startup A civil graduates from IIT Bombay always wanted to do something of his own & their journey have been started when they were sitting outside their college & drilling their minds to start something of their own. Let’s have a look to their success story!

It was in 2010 when Prabhkiran Singh & Siddharth Munot was searching for some domainname for their business & come across the idea of taking to start with, as the month of April was about to start and April Fool’s day was near around. Also, they wanted to create something humorously, witty and eye-catching by the youth, so they thought would be perfectly good to start with. Although the domain was registered in 2010, they never went ahead to do anything about it. The work on the site was already begun around 2011, but the site was launched at the end of Jan 2012.

Both the founders have started their career separately after the graduation. Prabhkiran was started with his Lassi venture named khadke gLASSI outside his college, Which wasn’t went well & thus had to be closed down.

On the other hand, Siddharth was working with an educational startup. Both of them then decided to start their own business of T-Shirt printing. They wanted to design something that could bring some humour to college students. They researched about the latest youth trends, lifestyle and started designing quotes for their T-Shirts accordingly. And as they were expected, their brand name, cool yet humorously quotes printed on the t-shirts were grabbed the attention of everyone & received a great response from the youth towards their products.

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