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About NEF

After 10 successful Building Sustainable Enterprises we move on to our next step in enabling the entrepreneurs in Nashik to have fresh perspectives on disruptive forces which have started to transform the way business gets done and the way businesses survive and grow. Nashik Entrepreneurs' Forum is a platform for Entrepreneurs of Tier II city like Nashik to interact with and learn from achievers and contributors to the Society towards enterprise creation, growth and socio-economic development towards building vibrant and sustainable communities. We have been organizing Not For Profit event in Nashik called “Building Sustainable Enterprises”. We have held events in the past with eminent speakers, entrepreneurs, social impact personalities and policy makers from around the country. We are expecting reputed eminent national speakers and first generation entrepreneurs in various areas to speak at this event.

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Sanjay Lodha | Dr. Harshad Mehta | Ajay Bohora

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Student Entrepreneur Awards 2020

With NEF 2020 promising to push the boundaries of community building even further, we  are introducing Student Entrepreneur Awards for up to 5 students. These awards are meant to recognise the inherent potential of students to build innovative  and impactful startups/businesses. If you are a student who is building your company, please apply before February 28,2020. The decisions of the awards committee are final and you accept the terms and conditions by  participating in the application process.