Empowering Start-Ups – Nashik Entrepreneurs’ Forum 2019

Start-Up has suddenly become a hype in India. People embark on to build an enterprise from scratch. It has become a fashion to be an Entrepreneur. Government’s initiative, Start-Up India has truly contributed in building an effective ecosystem of business. There has been a significant increase in the numbers of Start-Ups in India. According to a survey, Start-ups in India see 108% growth in funding in 2018: NASSCOM. India might have become the Third Largest Start-Up Ecosystem. Though the inception of Start-Up has seen a major growth, their success and sustainability remains low. Only 1 in 1000 start-ups sustain in India. The major cause being the lack of Innovation. Uniqueness has certainly lost its pace in the monetary run. Other causes being lack of technologies, funding, poor business ethics and deficit of skilled team. People are mostly engaged in early-stages of Entrepreneurial activities. Only the ones that keep innovating and improvising survive ahead to become a successful enterprise.
Nashik Entrepreneurs’ Forum (NEF) is an initiative to transform and curb these weak figures. NEF is programmed to guide the start-up ecosystem. Encourage and assist the youth with thousands of possibilities in entrepreneurial world. Empowering your business ideas and an opportunity to meet the leaders of Business world.
At NEF, you get a valuable opportunity to introduce yourself and present your products in front of Successful entrepreneurs. NEF’ recurring networking sessions enable you to enrich and largen your circle of contacts.
NEF’s esteemed Speaker’s session is primarily to enhance and enlarge your vision to the deep and minute challenges, perks and opportunity areas of business world. Entrepreneurs sharing their success stories, make you understand the real challenges and provide you solutions to overcome them. Every Year we have inspiring success stories from business leaders of various sectors. At NEF, Speakers share their decades of experience so you can from their past challenges and get ready for the future. At NEF, you most importantly learn how to keep Innovating and keep your product’s unique factor alive. The business talks at NEF about various sectors, inform about current trends and culture. Experiences are priceless. Our Speakers Experiences not only enlighten you about major concerns but also the minor mistakes we often make and that go unnoticed. You learn, what keeps your business alive in this fast paced business ecosystem and importance of business ethics and back-end operations.
Nashik Entrepreneurs Forum is an initiative by Mr. Sanjay Lodha, Mr. Harshad Mehta and Mr. Ajay Bohora.
Nashik Entrepreneurs Forum is being carried out successfully from nine consecutive years with an Idea to re-establish Nashik into a hub for creative and innovative enterprises. Nashik Entrepreneurs’ Forum is commencing its Xth Edition of Building Sustainable Enterprise with 2019.

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